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The characters and elements are hand-painted in cold-enamel in the original Donkey Kong colors. The strap on its side is dark blue, to give echo to the fake watches dial. Like we explained in our extensive review of the Supermarine 500, Bremont uses hardened steel that has a value of 2000 on the Vickers scale. And yet it still has gained unprecedented attention to this very day, even sparking such rumors as the one that Genta drew it on a napkin while dining in a restaurant. The flyback function, which allows to operate the chronograph and to start a new timing session without resetting it to zero. The clean lines and smooth silhouette lend an aura of prestige towards the timeless design. The watch houses the 16th movement of fake watches. Thanks to our contributors Nick and Robin for the research! The oscillator of the calibre combines high frequency (15Hz or 108,000 vibrations per hour) with low amplitude (+/- 6 degrees versus around degrees for a standard balance wheel). Its special dial designed in red and black rally stripes and the Imitation Omega Watches racing number as well as the PCA's logo engraved on the back, underscore the uniqueness of this collector's watch. It was known as the Calibre Chrono-Matic and was used in the Imitation Omega Watches Autavia, Monaco and Carrera models available at the time. Lange&Sohne have introduced a limited edition of the emblematic, with a specifically engraved hinged Cuvette dust cover or officer back to make it really special.